About us - Curious Cleo


Filling spaces with character and joy since 2010, welcome to Curious Cleo.


At Curious Cleo, we believe that everyone deserves to create a beautiful space, transforming living spaces into ones filled with memories, character and stylish furniture. We’re passionate about vintage pieces, coming with a wealth of benefits beyond appealing to the eye. Traditional furniture holds value, environmental sustainability and quality craftsmanship.


Explore hand-selected pieces, available online and in our store located in Dronfield, open for customer appointments and open viewing days. Dedicated customer support, Curious Cleo’s family-owned and operated. We help inspire our customers to create their dream space with confidence.


Our Story

Founded as a small-traditional store in Dronfield, Curious Cleo story began as a beloved vintage clothing store. Husband and wife team, Becky and Adam Akid, took up shop online and around the country, attending Vintages Fairs from time to time.


A few years later, in 2012, Becky and Adam welcomed their first child. A new bundle of joy to attend to, they closed-up shop travelling around the UK to the Vintage Fairs - baby Ruby coming for the journey.


Our family-run business grew once more in 2014, welcoming little Alfie to the world. Deciding it was time to stick to home, letting the Curious Cleo online store flourish.


Curious Cleo moved into our latest (and most fabulous) premises back in 2018, now chock full of vintage delights. Over time, our priority changed towards the founder’s love of vintage furniture. However, we still stock our original lines of clothing and accessories. Today, we have since expanded our furniture unit/. During 2020 we aquired the lot next door allowing customers to experience even more products than before.




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